A poem to help you through your first day back at school!

To my children, students and young people who are dreading the return to school know it won’t be that bad and know you can survive!
The thought of going back to school is often so much worse than it actually is!

I still dread the end of summer because school begins again
I’d like to say now I am older I no longer feel this pain
However my memories of school days have never faded away
Because school for me, like you was a battle everyday

The mornings they get darker and the sun is not so brave
Just as the brand new sparkly school shoes do not take long to fade
The uniform and school bag that for a day was just so smart
Disappears into the muddle of all your good intentions to have a great new start

The freshly sharpened pencils and the pristine work books shine
Well at least they would for longer if they were not mine
The crossings out and spelling errors make misunderstandings real
And the once sharp corners become dog-eared and begin to peel

The enthusiasm that raged soon gets squashed inside
It soon begins to feel like you are drowning in the tide
As they measure and they test the things we find so hard
It’s exhausting and frustrating never letting down your guard

I know lots of you feel nervous and I know lots of you feel scared
But please try not to worry for I know you are prepared
You have done it before and every year so far
And this one will be no different because you are a star

I’m proud of each and every one of you that make it through each day
And despite sometimes feeling sad just know you will be okay
I know that you can do it, I believe you will get through
Keep fighting and keep battling because if I did it so can you

I did school and I survived Primary, Middle and then High
All the time dreaming dreams that reached the sky
You too can make it happen, you too will reach your dreams
Because we will do it together as a determined and resilient team

Never forgot to smile, and never forget your worth
Remember what I have taught you, that you are equal on this earth
Just remember you are special and your gifts may not shine at school
You are a diamond in the rough, a unique and sturdy jewel

So tomorrow when the alarm goes off remember you’re not alone
There are children everywhere just not feeling in the school Zone!
Don’t get overwhelmed, just move one step at a time
And slowly but surely I guarantee you will cross the line

Good luck to all the pupils out there who are dreading school tomorrow… its going to be okay!



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Author of ‘Don’t forget to smile… A memoir of uncovering the hidden difficulties of dyslexia’ Available from Amazon



2 thoughts on “A poem to help you through your first day back at school!

  1. Lovely, Jo! Would y consider putting this into a meme, crediting you of course. Just makes your words easier to share on social media.


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