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Accidental Writing ideas to get you through Lock Down!

Did you know the BEST way to learn is to learn accidentally.. without even realising it! When we are relaxed and interested and MOTIVATED and INSPIRED!

Dyslexics are GREAT outside the box thinkers and we know often they do not enjoy school because of the structure and constraints of the curricum!

How many times have we discussed and said

‘… if only Dyslexics didn’t have to go to school EVERYDAY their lives would be great!’

🤩Well our wish just came true… for a few weeks at least! so Let’s not waste it!

Parents who are concerned at their child’s progress at school currently have a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to help foster their child’s LOVE for learning again and to develop basic skill and… I can HELP YOU!

… here are some EASY and ACCIDENTAL ways YOU can do this at home, without creating the dreaded homework battle!👇🏾

Let them play, (even BIG kids!) create and make things, build things, cook things, plant things, do practical jobs, solve daily problems, let them help you, do their daily exersize…

… then TALK about it!

Use words, develop language, let them be enthused by their own ideas, let them learn through trial and error and let them create their own ideas and learning by what is happening in their days!

… you will suddenly find they have a thousand things they WANT to write about or at least record!

❤️the walk you went on, what did you see what could you smell? what did things look like? Would you go on it again? Why? Would you recommend that walk! Why? Draw a map. Label it. Write instruction? Colour code it. Create a key.

💜 the model they built, out of Lego, bricks, junk, objects… Draw a picture – label it? What is it? Who lives in it? Why did they make it? What’s its features? How could they make it better? What other materials could they use? Could it be the start of a story? Could they build a village, or under the sea land, or emergency vehicles depot! Go with their interest and ideas 💡

💙the game they invented in the garden/on the trampoline/ the assault course they made you do 🙈 what were the rules and instructions? Write them down and send them to a friend and see if they can follow them! Ask the friend to record themselves following the instructions?!!! Are they clear did it turn out as you hoped? How do you need to change the instructions?

💚the DREADED GRAMMAR! have a discussion about doing words! (Actually VERBS!) What did you DO in your daily exercise? What did you DO while unloading the dishwasher, playing in the garden, building your model! Make a list and use them to write sentences focussing on capital letters and full stops? Can they add how they did it? (adverbs) 🤔 mmm ‘I played quietly with my Lego!)

💛Persuasive writing! Write a letter, create a presentation with reasons why their model is the next best thing, why is their design awesome! Design a pitch for dragons DEN!
or on a more practical level… SIBLING RIVALRY why shouldn’t they be the one to help hang the washing on the line, or empty the dishwasher! We need compelling and clears reasons not excuses!!!
Or write a letter explaining why they think learning is better at home than school, or why they feel CHIPs for dinner every night is a good idea!!!

🧡watch your favourite film or TV programme! write a review! Would you recommend someone watch it? Why? What’s great about it, what’s bad about it?
Who is your favourite Character? why? Draw a picture of your character and label it. Write a description of your character and ask a family member to guess who you have written about!
Design your own story board or Write your own episode or film script using the characters … what adventure would you take them on?

🔥The four walls and the dry curriculum can crush a dyslexics creativity… we have the FREEDOM right now to embrace and use that creativity and we are NOT going to do it by forcing them to sit at a table and write for hours!

Don’t be scared… just go with it! Use your imagination and the ideas are ENDLESS!!!

With Love from Jo  (Jodyslexicrees!)



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