Dyslexia, anxiety and change!

Dyslexia and anxiety!!!0E98C35A-2261-45DE-8043-3590BC1E3D39

Dyslexia is perceived and widely understood as a difficulty which manifests itself in the development of reading and spelling skills.

However so many dyslexics, including myself will tell you a dyslexic brain can also create additional anxiety and impact emotional wellbeing and health which can hugely get in the way of day to day function!!

This last week and few days have been a wobbly one for me!

Everything is changing again! Government guidelines, people’s opinions the actual way we are being forced to operate and function and the weather is also different!

This may sound ridiculous but these are all things we have to process and make sense of in our own way… how we process them will differ compared to our experiences, who we are surrounded by (even at a distance!) who is in our news feeds and what we watch on the TV!

There is NOT necessarily a right or wrong way at the moment and this feels scary!

For me the latest changes mean I will have to alter the way I work again as some of my students head back to school (but not all of them!) as we begin to be able to assess again and as naturally some students no longer need me.

Just as I found a routine, sorted systems and felt safe and comfortable with what I was delivering, it’s likely I’ll have to look again!

This makes me anxious for many reasons! I suddenly don’t know where I stand again and More interpretation or thinking is required!

Thinking as a dyslexic is EXHAUSTING… and we really don’t want to do more thinking than needed! NOT because we are lazy, but because thinking is genuinely hard work and because we are GREAT at over thinking!

Change and transition can be really tricky for people with dyslexia! We like routine and to know where we stand! It’s likely that your dyslexic will be doing ALOT of planning and prep in their head and is sorting and working through problems and their week, maybe even rehearsing conversations so they can keep in where they fee safe and it is predictable, they are prepared and so they can think about the strategies they need to implement…

as we have to navigate new routines and situations our fight or flight is high and anxiety builds up.

This is generally because of the pressure dyslexics tend to place on themselves (we are generally perfectionists but we don’t necessarily realise or know that we are!) we can’t rationalise or make sense of these anxious feelings!

When you feel like this is can be hard to communicate or even recognise it because we don’t even realise ourselves that we are struggling!!! The overthinking is exhausting and stressful and is likely to manifest itself on short tempered responses or meltdowns or emotional outbursts!

That is why parents hire me, because I not only educate your dyslexic child in the way that works with their gifts, I talk to, and RELATE to the challenges your kids are experience with the changes – because I know how it feels!

If your child is snappy, or withdrawn, seems to be tidying everything or generally struggling to cope emotionally it maybe that they are experiencing dyslexic overwhelmed or just feel anxious about what they need to process in the next few days as things change again!

If you would like to know how I can help you with your dyslexic child … no matter where in the word you are

Email jo@anotherwayround.co.uk for more information!

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