Discrepancies and patterns in subject attainment results could be sign of dyslexia!

Discrepancies and patterns in subject attainment results could be sign of dyslexia! Do you know what to look for?

Raising awareness and understanding of dyslexia is a BIG part of what I do! There are huge misconceptions around what dyslexia is and how it impacts!

It has NOTHING to do with INTELLEGENCE… and often High attaining pupils get missed, or their results get misunderstood!

It the weakness with working memory and processing that can end up making us feel and believe we are unintelligent! Understanding our profile and strengths and weakness is key to success.

If we are not careful and Dyslexia is not identified we end up focusing only on what we can’t do instead of what we CAN DO…

Below is a marvelous real life example! GCSE results of a student I recently assessed.

Biology 8, Chemistry 8, Physics 7, Maths 7, Spanish 6, History 5, Drama 4, English Lang 4, English Lit 4.

The results of a hard working, dedicated student with 100% attendance who did all of their homework.

Had good Support from home, a tutor employed by the parents.

No one at her school at any point thought her results were unusual or questioned them.

No one ever mentioned she could require extra time.

No one at any point thought she might be experiencing some specific learning difficulties.

She has just completed her A Levels. She was predicted 3 As and instead got 3 Cs… She hoped to go to university and a couple of teachers have suggested because of the English scores and her A Level scores maybe university isn’t for her after all 🙈🤦‍♀️

She hopes to study engineering… and took maths, physics and chemistry A level…playing to her strengths I’d say.

Luckily she stumbled across one of my posts, discussed it with her parents and sought an assessment…

She is indeed Dyslexic… she was unable to finish any of her mock A Level papers in the time and results suggest she requires additional time! This in itself will make a huge difference to her when she retakes exams! She also now knows what strategies will work best for her and what she needs to do to allow her to be successful. Use audio books, explicitly plan essays, ask for help and support when needed and ensure she learns at a pace that allows her to be successful.

So if your child is excelling in one area and not doing as well in another ask questions, seek support and assessment! It likely holds the missing pieces and answers! Mostly… don’t allow your child to give up… believe in them that their dreams are possible and focus on what they CAN do!

Want details or info on assessment! PM me and I’ll happily explain or check out the reviews on Another Way Round – Dyslexia Support to see the impact and transformation assessment has had on real peoples lives!

Want to learn more about dyslexia, what questions to ask and what dyslexia really means? Sign up to my online parent course and support group! info available in the link below.


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