I am jo… I’m 36 and have been a primary school practitioner for 14 years. I have experience teaching most years in primary and have been a SENCO and inclusion leader holding a senior leadership position for the last few years. I hold specialist teacher status for dyslexia having completed a pgce and diploma in this. I regularly update my knowledge by completing courses. I ran a specialist outreach provision for 3 years supporting pupils with dyslexia providing 1:1 teaching and  advice, support and training to schools.

Through my training I discovered that I was dyslexic, had been dyslexic for 34 years and not know. I am also a mum to 3 children and I believe at least one of my children to be dyslexic. Having lived with undiagnosed dyslexia I have an empathy and understanding of this difficulty which is first hand and cannot be questioned. I can give you an insight into what it is like to live, breath, eat and sleep dyslexia from the view point of a teacher, parent, specialist and actual dyslexic!

I have decided to start a blog sharing my personal experiences and knowledge of Dyslexia because I want to raise the profile of dyslexia. I want to raise the profile because; Dyslexia is so much more than difficulties with reading and writing. There are hidden difficulties and side effects that only a dyslexic would know. Dyslexic’s are intelligent and intuitive people but so often they don’t fulfil their potential because they perceive themselves as stupid or out of their depth. I need to change this. I need to show them that being dyslexic and having average intelligence was enough for me, so it can be enough for them to be whatever they want.

I plan to use my blog to inform parents and teachers of the difficulties we face and how we might cover them up and importantly how you can help us.

I also plan to use my blog to reach out to Dyslexic teenagers and students and undiagnosed dyslexics. I want them to know that they are not alone. I want them to know that there is hope and that life feels hard but with the right support and a pinch of self-belief anything is possible.

I feel it is time I broke my silence and shared my experiences in an attempt to help others. You can help me by reading and sharing my blog, and pointing people who you know would benefit from reading it in the blogs direction! You can follow me on twitter. You can give me feedback on my posts and you can make suggestions for future posts.

Importantly all I want my posts to do is make you think. If you take a step back and think as a result of reading my posts it has been worth writing. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to get to know you all.


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